Translated the five new strings.
[BackupPC.git] / lib / BackupPC / Config /
2006-11-12 cbarrattUpdates in preparation for 3.0.0beta2:
2006-10-30 cbarratt* checks version of Reported...
2006-08-04 cbarratt* Various changes for 3.0.0beta1 v3_0_0beta1
2006-07-12 cbarratt* lots of minor changes to prepare for 3.0.0beta0 release
2006-06-28 cbarratt* Added multi-level incrementals. Still needs testing.
2006-06-04 cbarratt - added utf8 to output filter and added encoding of...
2006-02-05 cbarratt - various fixes to and lib/BackupPC/
2006-01-29 cbarratt - fixed and makeDist.
2006-01-24 cbarratt - config and host editing pretty much done
2004-10-12 cbarratt- more checkins
2002-12-14 tobiaslyAdd database configuration logic; minor bugfixes and...
2002-12-13 tobiaslyInitial add of specialized Config modules. Some parts...