added SearchHideShare regex to config
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2010-07-31 cbarrattRelease for 3.2.0. Changes since 3.2.0beta1: sourceforge/master v3_2_0
2009-04-05 cbarratt* Copyright date update
2009-04-05 cbarratt* checkin with 3.2.0beta0 release header
2007-12-09 cbarratt3.1.0 changes: v3_1_0
2007-09-03 cbarrattMinor tweaks for 3.1.0beta0 release.
2007-09-03 cbarrattChanges for 3.1.0beta0.
2007-03-03 cbarratt* Changes for 3.0.0 release v3_0_0
2006-12-03 cbarratt* Removed default paths from conf/ so configur...
2006-11-12 cbarrattUpdates in preparation for 3.0.0beta2:
2006-08-04 cbarratt* Various changes for 3.0.0beta1 v3_0_0beta1
2006-07-12 cbarratt* lots of minor changes to prepare for 3.0.0beta0 release
2006-06-04 cbarratt - added utf8 to output filter and added encoding of...
2006-01-29 cbarratt - fixed and makeDist.
2006-01-24 cbarratt - config and host editing pretty much done
2004-06-20 cbarratt* Commit for 2.1.0. v2_1_0
2004-06-07 cbarratt* Added Dutch translation
2004-05-23 cbarratt * Revision update for 2.1.0beta2. v2_1_0beta2
2004-04-10 cbarrattFixes for 2.1.0beta1: v2_1_0beta1
2004-03-21 cbarratt - updated version to BackupPC-2.1.0beta0 v2_1_0beta0
2004-03-21 cbarratt - minor lang file cleanup - commented unimplemented...
2004-02-09 cbarrattLots of changes:
2003-07-04 cbarratt* Split BackupPC_Admin into a set of modules, one for...
2003-06-15 cbarratt - 2.0.0 release. Minor tweaks to disable utf8. v2_0_0
2003-06-01 cbarratt* Several improvements to restore: cancel now reports... v2_0_0beta3
2003-05-11 cbarratt* BackupPC_trashClean now logs an error if it can't...
2003-05-08 cbarratt* Added German translation, provided by Manfred Herrmann.
2003-02-10 cbarratt - allow PingCmd and Nmb commands to be empty strings...
2003-02-03 cbarratt - added $Conf{ClientNameAlias}, which allows the host...
2002-12-13 cbarratt* Support for rsync and rsyncd. Changes to BackupPC_du...
2002-08-10 cbarrattv1.5.0 v1_5_0