2002-12-25 gfkRemoved the french string in this english version.
2002-12-25 gfkImproved the translation. Mainly minors things.
2002-12-14 tobiaslyAdd database configuration logic; minor bugfixes and...
2002-12-13 tobiaslyInitial add of specialized Config modules. Some parts...
2002-12-13 cbarratt* Support for rsync and rsyncd. Changes to BackupPC_du...
2002-09-20 cbarrattadded new file init.d/src/debian-backuppc
2002-09-18 cbarrattAnother minor change for backup start confirm header
2002-09-18 cbarrattFixed ServerMesg strings in BackupPC_Admin via
2002-08-29 cbarratt - Updated based on changes from Guillaume Filion.
2002-08-12 cbarrattAdded create of lib/BackupPC/Lang to
2002-08-11 cbarrattAdded $Conf{Language} and $Conf{CgiNavBarAdminAllHosts}
2002-08-11 cbarratt* Added internationalization (i18n) code from Xavier...
2002-08-10 cbarrattv1.5.0 v1_5_0
2002-08-10 cbarrattv1.5.0