added jstore path
[bookreader.git] / BookReader / touch /
2010-11-10 Michael AngAdd contributed patch from
2010-11-10 Michael AngMerge branch 'master' into newui
2010-10-25 Michael AngMerge branch 'master' into newui
2010-10-16 rajbotMerge branch 'browserlending' into newui
2010-10-15 Lance ArthurMerge commit 'openlibrary/newui' into newui
2010-10-15 Michael AngMerge commit 'lance/newui' into newui
2010-10-12 rajbotMerge raj's read to me feature.
2010-10-12 rajbotMerge commit 'ol/newui' into newui
2010-10-08 Michael AngUpdate BookReaderTouch.css to match BookReader.css
2010-09-30 Michael AngMerge branch 'lanceui' into mergeui
2010-05-14 Michael AngMove toolbar to bottom
2010-05-14 Michael AngConsolidate CSS
2010-05-14 Michael AngUse modified dragscrollable plugin from
2010-05-13 Michael AngMove touch specific CSS and images to touch directory