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ownerDobrica Pavlinusic
last changeWed, 21 Feb 2018 12:17:57 +0000 (13:17 +0100)
2018-02-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicinsert email into borrower_message_preferences master
2018-02-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicborrower_message_preferences add missing borrowers
2016-05-03 Dobrica Pavlinusicfinish conversion to marc
2016-01-23 Dobrica Pavlinusiccreate marc file
2016-01-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicrename file
2016-01-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicmake optional fields skipped
2016-01-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicfirst draft of conversion of zavrsni radovi for import
2014-07-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicupdate nick and userid (from nick)
2014-07-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicdon't commit with DEBUG=1
2014-07-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicconnect as root
2013-10-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse expire date as first argument
2013-08-29 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse configuration from /etc/koha/sites/fer/koha-conf.xml
2013-08-29 Dobrica Pavlinusiccalculate next_year-10-31 as expiry date
2013-07-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix swapped dates
2013-07-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicconvert casopisi
2012-09-05 Dobrica Pavlinusicextend dateexpiry for users which exist in ferweb
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