Added a GLITCHTIME verb (0x82) for timing the execution of a verb.
[goodfet] / hardware / BOM.txt
1 Partlist exported from /home/travis/svn/goodfet/trunk/hardware/goodfet11.sch at 5/18/09 10:20 AM
3 Part  Value             Device            Package      Description               
4 C1    10µF              C-USC0603         C0603        CAPACITOR, American symbol
5 C2    0.1µF             C-EUC0603         C0603        CAPACITOR, European symbol
6 C3    10µF              C-USC0603         C0603        CAPACITOR, American symbol
7 C4    0.1µF             C-EUC0603         C0603        CAPACITOR, European symbol
8 IC1   F161X---PM64      F161X---PM64      PM/PAG64     *** MSP430F161x *** PM64  
9 IC2   FT232RL-BASICSSOP FT232RL-BASICSSOP SSOP28DB     USB UART                  
10 LED1                    LEDCHIP-LED0603   CHIP-LED0603 LED                       
11 Q1    32KHz             CRYSTALTC26H      TC26H        Crystals                  
12 R1    47K               R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
13 R2    47K               R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
14 R3    47K               R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
15 R4    47K               R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
16 R5    330               R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
17 R6                      R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
18 R7                      R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
19 R8                      R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
20 R9                      R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
21 R10   300               R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
22 R11                     R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
23 R12   47K               R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
24 R13                     R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
25 R14   74K               R-US_R0603        R0603        RESISTOR, American symbol 
26 RXLED                   LEDCHIP-LED0603   CHIP-LED0603 LED                       
27 SER                     MTA02-100         10X02MTA     AMP connector             
28 SV1                     MA07-2            MA07-2       PIN HEADER                
29 TP                      MA05-1            MA05-1       PIN HEADER                
30 TXLED                   LEDCHIP-LED0603   CHIP-LED0603 LED                       
31 X1    USBPCB            USBPCB            USB-A-PCB    USB Connectors