GoodFETCCSPI added sniffdisect verb that tries to load dot15d4 scapy library to use...
[goodfet] / client /
2011-02-21 travisutkTwo more peekword() instances.
2010-05-24 travisutkpeekword() for console.
2010-03-08 travisutkMSP430 console.
2010-02-28 travisutkBeginning support for SQL symbol tables.
2010-02-28 travisutkDump to archive now a standard command.
2010-02-28 travisutkgetpc() method
2010-02-28 travisutkHalt and resume standard commands.
2010-02-27 travisutkReverting modularization.
2010-02-27 travisutkRefactoring the client. I probably broke something.
2010-02-26 radioinfo
2010-02-23 travisutk' term'
2010-02-23 travisutkMore of a console, approaching standard commandset...
2010-02-23 travisutkInteractive debugger, or parts of one.