added new mcpCAN communication file to allow for easier testing and data storage.
[goodfet] / client /
2012-10-30 travisutkMCP registers can only be set while idle.
2012-10-30 travisutkNew rates, array of supported rates.
2012-10-30 travisutkNew rates, rate error message for GoodThopter.
2012-10-30 travisutkNew code for setting the rate. Tested at 125kHz.
2012-08-17 travisutkCAN promiscous mode is now enabled by default.
2012-08-16 travisutkI think I've got the CAN mode running at 125kHz. Not...
2012-08-15 travisutkMCP2515 can now loopback packets!
2012-08-15 travisutkAdded support for the different operating modes.
2012-08-15 travisutkgoodfet.mcpcan client, code that nearly works for packe...
2012-08-15 travisutkAdded GoodFETMCPCAN().readrxbuffer() for reading incomi...
2012-08-15 travisutkMore MCP2515 CAN Bus commands.
2012-08-15 travisutkBeginnings of an MCP2515 driver for communicating with...