played around with different inputs to change the temperature display
[goodfet] / client / Makefile
2012-08-14 travisutkLots of new CC2420 stabilization.
2011-11-17 alexeybbAdded support for Silicon Lab's c8051 MCUs.
2011-04-16 travisutkMore 'make py2exeinstall' improvement for the client.
2011-04-16 travisutk'make py2exeinstall' for Win32.
2011-04-16 travisutkpy2exe cleanup, for reviving the Windows port.
2010-05-27 travisutk'make py2exepub' in client now uses rsync --chmod=ugo...
2010-05-24 travisutkgfnrf.exe for Windows.
2010-05-24 travisutkNordic RF client.
2010-05-17 travisutkProgress on py2exepub Makefile of client.
2010-05-17 travisutkMKDIR/MD difference on Win32 py2exe build.
2010-05-17 travisutkUpdated Makefile to build py2exe.
2010-04-06 travisutkOS X instructions.
2010-02-23 travisutkMore of a console, approaching standard commandset...
2009-09-01 travisutkGetting closer to an I2C Python client.
2009-06-20 travisutkMakefile for linking client scripts.