GF32 support in the new goodfet.bsl.
[goodfet] / client / goodfet.bsl
2013-05-05 travisutkGF32 support in the new goodfet.bsl.
2013-04-17 asmigAdded newly supported boards:
2013-04-17 asmigThis branch of the bootstrap loader seems ready for...
2013-04-17 asmigMoving older bootstrap loader aside in preparation...
2013-04-16 asmigApplying some good recommendations from Bruce Barnett
2012-11-03 travisutkTemporarily disabled the --fromweb feature.
2012-09-24 travisutkApimote cleanup, removed unsupported client.
2012-08-15 travisutkGoodthopter support in goodfet.bsl and goodfet.slc2...
2012-07-24 travisutkApimote patches.
2012-03-27 travisutkZolertia Z1 target now builds and flashes with no depen...
2011-12-23 travisutkClient support for goodfet.bsl when board=telosbbt.
2011-11-16 travisutkAdds support for new config variable.
2011-02-06 travisutkCleaning up the Telos B port.
2010-06-14 travisutkTelosB support by platform variable.
2010-06-07 travisutkFix for Windows NT machines with non-FTDI serial ports.
2010-05-27 travisutkThe Win32 gfbsl.exe now properly identifies serial...
2010-01-19 travisutkCloser to reliable AVR glitching.
2009-10-17 travisutkClient auto-detects GoodFET30.
2009-10-06 travisutkSupport for the GoodFET30 with the --goodfet30 switch...
2009-09-13 travisutkgoodfet.bsl client for precompiled firmware.