Minor cleanup.
[goodfet] / firmware / config.mk
2012-10-01 travisutkConfig may now be ovewritten.
2012-09-24 travisutkCleaning apimote support.
2012-09-20 travisutkRemoved Werror, so launchpad code compiles again.
2012-08-21 travisutkReverted some CCSPI performance patches. This might...
2012-08-15 travisutkUrgent fix for broken GoodFET31 support, result of...
2012-07-26 rmspeersAdded LED test into monitor, supporting increased LEDs...
2012-07-25 rmspeersChanged so apimote is refered to as board=apimote1...
2012-07-24 travisutkApimote patch. I think this works.
2012-07-24 rmspeersMoved board definition from apimote to apimote1 for...
2012-07-24 travisutkHello world on the Apimote!
2012-06-25 travisutkFacedancer11 support. Boards just shipped from China.
2012-05-07 travisutkThe STM32 UART is finally running.
2012-05-06 travisutkCloser to STM32 USB, but sticking with USART for initia...
2012-05-06 travisutkSTM407 port has working IVT.
2012-05-06 travisutkCloser to STM32 port.
2012-05-06 travisutkGetting closer to working Cortex M3 targets.
2012-05-05 travisutkWorking toward some ARM targets.
2012-04-23 travisutkAdded board definitions for Facedancer10.
2012-04-01 travisutkNRF is now default in the 2254.
2012-03-30 travisutkRemoved old configs.
2012-03-27 travisutkCreated z1 platform; radio seems to work.
2012-03-27 travisutkZolertia Z1 target now builds and flashes with no depen...
2012-03-27 travisutkWorking on zolertiaz1 port. Still need to figure out...
2012-03-27 travisutkNRF driver now built into GoodFET41 by default.
2012-03-16 travisutkPlatform changes.
2012-03-16 travisutkReintegrating glitching code.
2012-03-02 travisutkmaxusb is now default.
2012-02-26 travisutkCode for talking to the MAX3420 USB Device Controller.
2012-01-19 travisutkFixed synching bug which was introduced by dropping...
2012-01-17 dragornUpdate to add support for MSP430-GCC 4.6 which moved...
2011-12-23 travisutkMore fixed for TelosB and telosbbt.
2011-12-23 travisutkFixed the board=telosb target.
2011-12-23 travisutkFixed config.mk to accept a limited list of apps when...
2011-12-05 dragornDon't ignore apps list in config line
2011-12-05 travisutkRemoved SBW from defaults. Added NRF to NHB12 and...
2011-12-05 travisutkRestored support for board=nhb12 and board=nhb12b.
2011-12-05 travisutkFixed config.mk. Builds should work again.
2011-11-17 alexeybbAdded support for Silicon Lab's c8051 MCUs.
2011-11-16 travisutkArduino target is building again.
2011-11-16 travisutkMore code cleanup. Broke support for the Launchpad.
2011-11-16 travisutkAdded support for board=tilaunchpad.
2011-11-16 travisutkFixed GF30 support by reducing the app count.
2011-11-16 travisutkRepaired support for the GF30 in TQ's new config system.
2011-11-08 thequuxImproved configuration system somewhat