Added a GLITCHTIME verb (0x82) for timing the execution of a verb.
[goodfet] / hardware /
2009-09-22 travisutkLarger chunk-size in SPI Flash, but not yet large enoug...
2009-09-20 travisutkBoard is now shorter, cleared ERC warnings.
2009-08-30 travisutkMInor board revisions.
2009-08-30 travisutkGoodFET30 is lain out.
2009-08-30 travisutkGoodFET30 schematic is going well.
2009-07-13 travisutkSending GoodFET20 for manufacture.
2009-07-11 travisutkGoodFET20, initial draft.
2009-06-11 travisutkNothing major.
2009-05-18 travisutkforgot .gpi
2009-05-18 travisutkGoodFET11 sent to Gold Phoenix for fabrication.
2009-05-18 travisutkBOM, ground plane, labels.
2009-04-30 travisutkHello, world.