Spectrum analyzer shellcode, forked from Ossmann's. GPL polluted for now, but as...
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2011-04-24 travisutkSpectrum analyzer shellcode, forked from Ossmann's...
2011-01-24 travisutk10ms reflex.
2011-01-22 travisutkNothing major, just CC1110 crystal routines.
2011-01-21 travisutkMinor shellscript stuff.
2010-12-24 travisutkRemoved the delay for now. Works with it, however.
2010-12-24 travisutkSubframe jamming is going strong.
2010-12-24 travisutkLittle bit better reflex.
2010-12-24 travisutkLittle bit better reflex.
2010-12-24 travisutkReflexes without debugger HALT.
2010-12-24 travisutkSaves and restores MDMCFG settings.
2010-12-24 travisutkIt works again!
2010-12-24 travisutkNew reflexframe.c
2010-12-24 travisutkReception working in reflexframe.c.
2010-12-24 travisutkReception working in reflexframe.c.
2010-12-24 travisutkBetter reflex jamming, updated Makefile.
2010-12-24 travisutkCarrier shell code. Unused at present.
2010-12-24 travisutkReflex frame jamming, got some troubles.
2010-12-23 travisutkLots of new shellcodes. Need to document them later.
2010-12-23 travisutkSupport for fixed length packets, shell code now instal...
2010-12-12 travisutkWorking Simpliciti implementation.
2010-12-11 travisutkShellcode is now only loaded when
2010-12-11 travisutkBetter reflex jamming, using shellcode on the target.
2010-12-10 travisutkChipcon packet handling is coming along, but transmissi...
2010-12-09 travisutkCC1110 packet sniffing works!
2010-12-09 travisutkCode for receiving packets.
2010-12-09 travisutkPacket reception code.
2010-12-09 travisutkAdded the HALT preprocessor directive so that these...
2010-12-09 travisutkAdded a shellcode directory for small fragments of...