2012-02-16 travisutkFirmware compiles in Ubuntu 11.10.
2012-02-15 travisutkAdded MSP430 model info for the MSP430F413.
2012-02-13 travisutkReflex jamming is now absurdly accurate and reliable.
2012-02-12 travisutkReflex jamming in CCSPI now has a selectable backoff,
2012-02-12 travisutkccspireflexjam() now takes a delay parameter.
2012-02-12 travisutkMoving CCSPI reflexive jamming to its own channel.
2012-02-12 travisutkPatched the CCSPI reflexive jamming code to flush the...
2012-02-12 travisutkio.h is deprecated, so now msp430.h is included instead.
2012-02-12 travisutkRemoved deprecated tests.
2012-01-19 travisutkFixed synching bug which was introduced by dropping...
2012-01-17 dragornUpdate to add support for MSP430-GCC 4.6 which moved...
2012-01-11 travisutkRestored instruction to flush CC2420 buffer.
2012-01-04 travisutkEmergency fix: accidentally used C comment style in...
2012-01-03 travisutkMinor CCSPI client patches.
2012-01-02 travisutkPatched CCSPI PEEK to restore the address before return...
2011-12-25 travisutkBetter transmit function for CCSPI.
2011-12-24 travisutkModified CCSPI sniffing.
2011-12-23 travisutkMore fixed for TelosB and telosbbt.
2011-12-23 travisutkBluetooth stuff.
2011-12-23 travisutkClient support for goodfet.bsl when board=telosbbt.
2011-12-23 travisutkFixed the board=telosb target.
2011-12-23 travisutkFixed to accept a limited list of apps when...
2011-12-05 dragornDon't ignore apps list in config line
2011-12-05 travisutkRemoved SBW from defaults. Added NRF to NHB12 and...
2011-12-05 travisutkRestored support for board=nhb12 and board=nhb12b.
2011-12-05 travisutkFixed Builds should work again.
2011-11-17 alexeybbAdded support for Silicon Lab's c8051 MCUs.
2011-11-16 travisutkAdds support for new config variable.
2011-11-16 travisutkArduino target is building again.
2011-11-16 travisutkMore code cleanup. Broke support for the Launchpad.
2011-11-16 travisutkAdded support for board=tilaunchpad.
2011-11-16 travisutkFixed GF30 support by reducing the app count.
2011-11-16 travisutkRepaired support for the GF30 in TQ's new config system.
2011-11-09 thequuxAdded support for uniarch mspgcc4
2011-11-08 thequuxImproved configuration system somewhat
2011-11-08 thequuxFlashing sled... not yet known to work
2011-10-18 donb127use a new AVR macro that doesnt collide with AVR dev...
2011-10-18 donb127initial merge of donbfet code, sans changes to monitor...
2011-10-18 donb127initial commit of the donbL AVR boot loader
2011-09-21 einsteinnn- Added twe to Makefile, and removed some comments
2011-09-21 einsteinnn- New code to dump the contents of Atmel's 2-wire EEPRO...
2011-08-31 travisutkPort number instructions for Bluetooth.
2011-08-30 travisutkConfig script for my bluetooth NHBadge.
2011-08-30 travisutkSupport for STATICDCO timing calibrations.
2011-08-29 travisutkRemoved some unecessary delays and reformatted a bit...
2011-08-29 travisutkRemoved verbose from bluetooth connections.
2011-08-29 travisutkBluetooth reliability fix, for packets that weren't...
2011-08-29 thequuxBuilt mac hidapi binary
2011-08-29 travisutkRemoved unnecessary dependencies on py-serial for bette...
2011-08-29 travisutkBluetooth support.
2011-08-28 travisutkCloser to working bluetooth. Still need a way around...
2011-08-28 travisutkGetting closer to Bluetooth extraction.
2011-08-28 travisutkMoved 'import serial' into the serInit() function.
2011-08-26 travisutkRemoved ECHOTEST, fixed typo in comment.
2011-08-26 travisutkFixed a bug in the TelosB port of the GoodFET client.
2011-08-26 travisutkForgot launchpad README. Here it is.
2011-08-06 thequuxInitial stab at bslv2 client
2011-07-20 travisutkTI Launchpad patch from Peter Lorenzen, edited to ease...
2011-07-17 travisutkGoodFET NRF stuff.
2011-04-27 rmspeersmore work on ccspi reflexive jam with autoack. jamming...
2011-04-25 rmspeersfixed preprocessor directives in ccspi, readded applica...
2011-04-25 travisutkMinor firmware changes.
2011-04-25 travisutkMinor changes to Chipcon target.
2011-04-24 travisutkShellcode reverted to SDCC 2.9.0.
2011-04-24 travisutkCarrier and specan shellcode for CC1110.
2011-04-24 travisutkSpectrum analyzer shellcode, forked from Ossmann's...
2011-04-24 travisutkccspi include telosb-specific declarations, preventing...
2011-04-24 travisutkChipcon RAM buffer execution info.
2011-04-24 travisutkBetter locating of SmartRF Studio 7.
2011-04-24 travisutkSmartRF 7 is now found in Windows Vista 64-bit.
2011-04-24 travisutkAllows for explicit port naming on NT.
2011-04-23 travisutkSmartRF7 is now located on Win32 at its default location.
2011-04-23 travisutkModified to properly include GoodFETCCSPI...
2011-04-21 rmspeersccspi application reflexive jamming and reflexive jammi...
2011-04-18 rmspeerstelosb reflexive jamming, beta version, confirmed works...
2011-04-18 travisutkWoops, left out a file.
2011-04-17 travisutkArduino port is working, but only at 9600 baud.
2011-04-17 travisutkValues are better.
2011-04-17 travisutkAVR baud rates are good, but the values are hackish.
2011-04-17 travisutkAVR UARTs; not quite ready.
2011-04-17 travisutkFixed MSP430 issue w/ AVR code.
2011-04-17 travisutkArduino port is blinking.
2011-04-17 travisutkMore work toward an AVR port.
2011-04-17 travisutkPreparing for an AVR port of at least the monitor.
2011-04-16 travisutkMore 'make py2exeinstall' improvement for the client.
2011-04-16 travisutk'make py2exeinstall' for Win32.
2011-04-16 travisutkpy2exe cleanup, for reviving the Windows port.
2011-04-13 travisutkMSP430 JTAG fix. Looks like a minor bug in Huseby's...
2011-04-13 travisutkFixed 20-bit DR support in jtag_trans_n() function.
2011-04-08 travisutkSFR fixmes for Cutaway.
2011-04-03 travisutkMore glitching changes for MSP430.
2011-04-02 travisutkRewriting the glitching code for the GoodFET24.
2011-03-21 cutsecConsole was updated to include help for commands.
2011-03-21 cutsecAdded the capability to query the Special Registers...
2011-03-12 rmspeersradios/ccspi firmware fixed off-by-one error on packet...
2011-03-12 rmspeersupdated command line 802.15.4 checksum calculator and...
2011-03-11 rmspeersadded command line script for verifying...
2011-03-08 travisutkRewording of txtoscount in goodfet.ccspi.
2011-03-04 rmspeersgoodfet.ccspi added txpipscapy in an alpha version...
2011-02-26 travisutkIgnore status fields of register 0x18 in the CC2420...