2019-06-02 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded gpio-ir-tx for IR board from RM Mini 3 master
2018-08-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicoverlays on 4.17 need new device tree compiler from git
2018-08-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicwith 4.17 kernel same i2c pins are now bus 2 instead...
2018-06-06 Dobrica Pavlinusicstrip leading zero from raspi-gpio pin numbers
2018-05-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicrename pins extension
2018-05-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded Raspberry Pi B bottom connector P5
2018-05-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix --pins usage and filtering of boards in same pins...
2018-04-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded PocketChip pins
2018-04-19 Dobrica PavlinusicMerge branch 'master' of
2018-04-19 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix gpio raspi-gpio get parsing
2018-04-19 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded Next Thing's CHIP pinout
2018-04-19 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded error message about missing pins/ file
2018-04-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded funcs from raspi-gpio with -a flag
2018-04-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse raspi-gpio to display pin states
2018-04-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicinstall sunxi-tools if available
2018-04-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicdefine relay as leds
2018-04-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicskip pins missing from pintctrl
2018-04-18 Dobrica PavlinusicMerge branch 'master' of
2018-04-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded /sys/kernel/debug/gpio info (leds for example)
2017-12-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded /sys/kernel/debug/gpio info (leds for example)
2017-12-11 Dobrica Pavlinusici2c tmp75 example
2017-12-10 Dobrica Pavlinusickernel i2c tracing enable/disable
2017-12-10 Dobrica Pavlinusici2c new_device example
2017-12-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicexample how to develop device trees
2017-12-09 Dobrica Pavlinusickeys artive high, pull-downs are on board
2017-12-09 Dobrica PavlinusicEPSON-B184 4 buttons and dual-color led from dot-matrix...
2017-12-04 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded --pinmux option to show all possible pin functions
2017-12-04 Dobrica Pavlinusicchange buttons to email, connect and print (as images...
2017-12-02 Dobrica Pavlinusicreorder pins to be one below another on one side of...
2017-12-02 Dobrica PavlinusicMerge branch 'cubieboard'
2017-12-02 Dobrica Pavlinusicthree pulled gpio buttons (for pins without irq)
2017-12-01 Dobrica PavlinusicMerge branch 'rpi'
2017-12-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicskip sunxi-pio if missing
2017-12-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicopen correct pins/ file for beginning of model string
2017-12-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicina219 userspace i2c driver
2017-12-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded description of new device-tree and i2c-userpace...
2017-12-01 Dobrica Pavlinusictmp75 userspace driver
2017-12-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicload device tree overlay on running system
2017-12-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicr1 device tree examples
2017-11-24 Dobrica Pavlinusicfind connectors and flip vertical pins inside them
2017-11-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicextract pins by boards into separate files
2017-11-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix pin parsing and display full pio annotation
2017-11-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse sunxi-pio to display pin direction and state
2017-11-19 Dobrica Pavlinusicread pins file if they exist
2017-11-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse pinctrl-maps to support 3.10 kernel uart ttys
2017-11-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicremove empty lines after kernel annotation
2017-11-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicre-format Pine64 pins from pdf
2017-11-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicmake color optional
2017-11-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicdisplay 2nd level ## comments above connectors in SVG
2017-11-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicread --pins from file
2017-11-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicdon't flip 1-pin horizontally
2017-11-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix coloring of serial ports with tty in name
2017-11-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded serial tty into output which is different than...
2017-11-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicrpi2
2017-11-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicall devices don't have hex prefix, e.g. lirc module
2017-11-11 Dobrica Pavlinusiccubieboard
2017-11-11 Dobrica Pavlinusiccubieboard2
2017-11-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded --read option and for board dump
2017-11-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicpin location --edge or --middle and --horizontal and...
2017-11-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicsupport Raspberry Pi 26-pin connector
2017-11-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicremove empty lines at beginng/end and draw last line...
2017-11-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded lines which help to align pins without zebra
2017-11-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicshorten duplicate kernel device/function
2017-11-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix i2c clk
2017-11-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix serial annotation
2017-11-10 Dobrica Pavlinusiccorrect device coloring
2017-11-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded 0v and 5v
2017-11-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicextract device from pinctrl-handles
2017-11-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse text color if we don't have custom one
2017-11-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicremoved unused opacity styles
2017-11-10 Dobrica Pavlinusiccode cleanup
2017-11-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicworking on rpi 3, not really useful on old 4.9 kernel
2017-11-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded cut marks and simplify code
2017-11-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded spi miso/mosi/clk/cs
2017-11-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicre-enable colors on kernel bound pins
2017-11-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicadd sck/sda to i2c
2017-11-09 Dobrica Pavlinusiccenter text within it's bbox
2017-11-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicmove uart rx/tx into kernel port description
2017-11-09 Dobrica Pavlinusiccreate round pin 1
2017-11-09 Dobrica Pavlinusiccolor kernel pins, optimize font size
2017-11-08 Dobrica Pavlinusicimplement vertical flip
2017-11-08 Dobrica Pavlinusicdocument svg generation and purpose
2017-11-08 Dobrica Pavlinusicoptimize for inkjet colors (to create something readable)
2017-11-08 Dobrica Pavlinusicshow pins on the right side
2017-11-08 Dobrica PavlinusicMerge branch 'master' of
2017-11-08 Dobrica Pavlinusicgenerate svg output with 2.54 mm spacing of pins
2017-11-08 Dobrica PavlinušićCreate
2017-11-08 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix warning
2017-11-07 Dobrica Pavlinusicadd cubieboard serial in the middle
2017-11-05 Dobrica Pavlinusiccorrectly annotate pins without description
2017-11-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicinstall dependencies on Debian
2017-11-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicfill-in single row header
2017-11-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded Lamobo R1 pinout
2017-10-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicalign columns according to longest one
2017-10-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse pin description and decorate it with kernel info