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ownerDobrica Pavlinusic
last changeSun, 31 Jul 2011 08:48:46 +0000 (10:48 +0200)
2011-07-31 Andreas Eversberggsmmap: Dump SYSTEM INFORMATION messages while processing master
2011-07-31 Andreas EversbergFixed broken gsmmap.
2011-07-30 Sylvain MunautMerge commit '1a99df84e12315c63f2e96a2972864e4c311712d'
2011-07-30 Andreas.Eversberggsm/gsm48_ie: Fix frequency list decoding
2011-07-29 Harald Weltefix off-by-one error in OSMO_NUM_DLIB
2011-07-29 Harald Welteuse the 'L' prefix in debug names (DLINP instead of...
2011-07-28 Andreas.Eversberglayer23: Add mobile support for sending / receiving...
2011-07-28 Sylvain Munautfw/prim_tch: Add support for sending frame from l23...
2011-07-28 Sylvain Munautfw/prim_tch: Add support for sending traffic frames...
2011-07-28 Sylvain Munautfw/layer1/l23_api: Add processing of the new audio_mode
2011-07-28 Sylvain Munautl23/l1ctl: Add default values for audio_mode
2011-07-28 Sylvain Munautl1ctl: Add definitions for the audio_mode configuration
2011-07-28 Sylvain Munautfw/l1: Add a queue for traffic frame to send to network...
2011-07-28 Sylvain Munautl1ctl: Add definition for TRAFFIC_{REQ,CONF,IND}
2011-07-28 Andreas.Eversberglayer23: Adapt to new logging API: fix calls to log_init
2011-07-28 Andreas.EversbergMerge commit '430be849945688ae107b079db1e216329b1a1f06'
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