2020-01-13 Dobrica Pavlinusickupaona battery change master
2020-01-02 Dobrica Pavlinusickuhinja reset battery
2020-01-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicsoba battery charge
2019-12-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicbattery change
2019-09-19 Dobrica Pavlinusickuhinja battery change
2019-09-09 Dobrica Pavlinusickupaona battery change
2019-09-07 Dobrica Pavlinusicvani battery change
2019-08-13 Dobrica Pavlinusiccorrectly select ids just for model
2019-08-13 Dobrica Pavlinusictasmota dht11 sensor, same graph colors, legend outside
2019-08-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicdraw tasmota tele graph for sensor
2019-08-09 Dobrica Pavlinusickupaona change color
2019-08-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicvani battery change
2019-06-04 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix influx query so we can retrive data
2019-06-03 Dobrica Pavlinusicbattery change
2019-06-03 Dobrica Pavlinusicchange colors
2019-05-29 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix boiler on/off marks
2019-05-25 Dobrica Pavlinusicmoved 90 vani u sjenu
2019-04-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix sensor ids
2019-04-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicvani battery change
2019-04-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix for new influx metrics layout
2019-04-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix boiler graph and tweak sensor ids
2019-04-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicnew version with much nicer shell implmenetation
2019-04-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicbattery change, kuhinja, kupaona
2019-02-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicvani battery and sensor change
2019-02-06 Dobrica Pavlinusickuhinja battery change
2019-02-05 Dobrica Pavlinusicvani battery change
2019-01-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicvani sensor change
2019-01-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicdraw humidity as dots
2018-12-25 Dobrica Pavlinusicvani battery change
2018-12-17 Dobrica Pavlinusickuhinja change color, draw lines for humidify
2018-12-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicre-color vani and kutija
2018-12-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded kutija sensor
2018-12-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicvani battery change
2018-12-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicre-color lines in temperature and humidity consistant
2018-11-29 Dobrica Pavlinusickupaona battery change
2018-11-19 Dobrica Pavlinusickuhinja battery change
2018-11-02 Dobrica Pavlinusickupaona battery change
2018-11-02 Dobrica Pavlinusicvani battery change
2018-10-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicsoba bettery change
2018-09-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicbattery change - vani, kupaona
2018-09-06 Dobrica Pavlinusicbettery change soba
2018-08-30 Dobrica Pavlinusicbettery change vani, kupaona
2018-08-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicsoba bettery change
2018-08-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicbattery change
2018-08-04 Dobrica Pavlinusicbattery change
2018-07-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicsoba bettery change
2018-05-29 Dobrica Pavlinusicbattery change
2018-05-15 Dobrica PavlinusicMerge branch 'master' of
2018-05-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicchanged serial port path and send mqtt DHT22 errors
2018-04-24 Dobrica Pavlinusicbattery change vani
2018-04-24 Dobrica Pavlinusicbettery change soba
2018-04-17 Dobrica Pavlinusickupaona battery change
2018-03-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicbattery change chaned rid for sensor
2018-03-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded boiler status to temperature and humidity
2018-03-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse gnu parallel for curl
2018-03-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded boiler on/off
2018-01-25 Dobrica Pavlinusicrename files as sensors location
2018-01-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicmore graphs
2017-11-25 Dobrica Pavlinusicbattery change seems to reset rid of this sensor
2017-11-25 Dobrica Pavlinusicdraw lines for HDT22 humidity
2017-11-08 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse server timezone to correct UTC timestamps from...
2017-10-02 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded lines for additional sensor
2017-10-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicformat xtics according to interval
2017-10-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicdraw another sensor using dark yellow
2017-09-24 Dobrica Pavlinusicmake checkbox keep state
2017-09-17 Dobrica PavlinusicMerge branch 'master' of
2017-09-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicmake curl --silent
2017-09-10 Dobrica Pavlinusichumid days, so expand valid humidify range to 0-100%
2017-09-05 Dobrica Pavlinusicbigger layout for web output in color
2017-09-05 Dobrica Pavlinusicadd lines checkbox to graphs
2017-08-29 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded html page for Mozilla user agents
2017-08-29 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix data extraction from influx due to chaning tag...
2017-08-29 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded t=48h as param to select interval
2017-08-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicmoved sensor outside
2017-08-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded more sensors, nicer graphs with same colors
2017-08-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicfilter out humidify < 10 from rtl433
2017-08-08 Dobrica PavlinusicMerge branch 'master' of
2017-08-08 Dobrica Pavlinusicremove outlier values for temperature
2017-08-07 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded systemd service file
2017-08-07 Dobrica Pavlinusicquiet curl
2017-08-05 Dobrica Pavlinusiccolor gray, / for kindle grayscale version
2017-08-04 Dobrica Pavlinusicdraw rtl 433mhz data on y2 axis with separate scale
2017-07-30 Dobrica Pavlinusicinclude outside temperature sensor
2017-07-29 Dobrica Pavlinusiccreate correct Location: header which kindle's wget...
2017-07-29 Dobrica Pavlinusicdon't log so much
2017-07-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicextract mean and spread and use it to reject invalid...
2017-07-24 Dobrica Pavlinusicrelative png path
2017-07-06 Dobrica Pavlinusicfilter erronious temperatures > 45 dec celsius
2017-06-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicshow only hour on x asix, fix timezone
2017-06-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicdocument symlink for Location:
2017-06-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicdraw DS18B20 with dots
2017-04-02 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded gnuplot graph from influxdb
2017-04-01 Dobrica Pavlinusicgenerate single gnuplot image
2017-03-31 Dobrica Pavlinusicsend headers at the end, after generating images
2017-03-28 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse as CGI script and get png image
2017-03-20 Dobrica Pavlinusicreport temperature and humidity to mqtt
2017-03-20 Dobrica Pavlinusicimprove graphs and send them to kindle
2017-03-20 Dobrica Pavlinusiccorrect mqtt topic
2017-03-20 Dobrica Pavlinusicconnect again on serial error
2017-03-20 Dobrica Pavlinusicremove dead code