how to configure ldap-rewrite and test it
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2010-05-06 Dobrica Pavlinusicdump config and don't re-use $search for results of...
2010-02-24 Dobrica Pavlinusictest CSV file in Windows utf-16 encoding
2010-02-24 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse $entry->dump for much nicer output
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicdislay path created with html
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded logout
2010-02-23 Dobrica PavlinusicKoha integration tests - remove and create test user
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusictest all search filters generated by SAFEQ application
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicrename tests
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusictest Virtual LDAP implementation on top of Koha scheme
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicadd attributes_required to test search results
2010-02-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicsupport configuration as first argument
2010-02-22 Dobrica Pavlinusictest ldap-rewrite