2010-02-24 Dobrica Pavlinusictest CSV file in Windows utf-16 encoding
2010-02-24 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse $entry->dump for much nicer output
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicdislay path created with html
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded logout
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicrequire Test::WWW::Mechanize for Koha integration tests
2010-02-23 Dobrica PavlinusicKoha integration tests - remove and create test user
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusictest all search filters generated by SAFEQ application
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicrename tests
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusictest Virtual LDAP implementation on top of Koha scheme
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicadd attributes_required to test search results
2010-02-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix server socket connection handling, better logging
2010-02-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicsupport configuration as first argument
2010-02-22 Dobrica Pavlinusictest ldap-rewrite
2010-02-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicremove debug dump to stdout
2010-02-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicremove last commit because it was bug in test data
2010-02-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicdon't duplicate uid=
2010-02-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicpush logs into log/ directory
2010-02-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicdon't write to log without log_file config
2010-02-21 Dobrica PavlinusicFile::Slurp is dependency
2010-02-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicexample scripts for startup
2010-02-18 Dobrica PavlinusicBUG FIX for Column borrowernumber in where clause is...
2010-02-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicremove debug output and limit on objectclass=*person*
2009-12-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded rewrite of LDAP bind CN ...
2009-11-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicmove RFID_SID into borrower_attributes
2009-10-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicrewrite DN from into uid=login,dc...
2009-09-15 Dobrica Pavlinusiccleanup dn from @domain since we extract it from e...
2009-09-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicfake objectGUID
2009-05-05 Dobrica Pavlinusicput categorycode also in department attribute
2009-04-29 Dobrica Pavlinusicproduce whole dn in SQL queries so we don't have to...
2009-04-29 Dobrica Pavlinusiccreate organizationlUnit for each categorycode from...
2009-04-29 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix handling of last entry if there is none
2009-04-29 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse limit just for object classes which have "person...
2009-04-29 Dobrica Pavlinusicreset objectclass for each search request
2009-04-29 Dobrica Pavlinusicallow where which are specified in SQL files, so we...
2009-04-29 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix single filter queries
2009-04-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicimplement multiple values by keeping dn and repeating...
2009-04-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicsplit out sql queries into own files for easier
2009-04-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicsupport different SQL queries for different objectClasses
2009-04-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicrename join_with -> filter
2009-04-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicdump a lot more debugging information
2009-03-27 Dobrica Pavlinusicwe really need AutoCommit => 1 so we see changes
2009-03-27 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse new column rfid_sid for card serial numbers
2009-03-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicinit script for bin/
2009-03-25 Dobrica Pavlinusicimplement simple one argument filter and added objectClass
2009-03-25 Dobrica Pavlinusicimplement or
2009-03-25 Dobrica Pavlinusicfinish mappings from UMgr-LDAP.conf
2009-03-25 Dobrica Pavlinusicmake listen address and port configurable as first...
2009-03-25 Dobrica Pavlinusic(no commit message)
2009-03-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded cn
2009-03-23 Dobrica Pavlinusiclisten on IP address and port
2009-03-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicadd notice about LDAP::Net::Entry lc on attributes
2009-03-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicsimple LDAP server which reads data from Koha
2009-03-23 Dobrica Pavlinusiccleanup
2009-03-17 Dobrica Pavlinusiccleanup all encoding cruft since Koha mungles data
2009-03-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicbetter errors if sockets can't be opened
2009-03-17 Dobrica Pavlinusiclog to file
2009-03-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded log file
2009-03-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix gender (since we don't mark string as utf-8 anymore)
2009-03-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicencode yaml in utf-8
2009-03-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicwe need to unset LANG if we don't want to corrupt encoding
2009-03-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicmark sockets as binary so we don't corrupt encoding
2009-03-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicsupport ARRAY values from yaml file
2009-03-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicif field have # subfield delimiter, save splitted field...
2009-03-16 Dobrica Pavlinusiccorrectly support multiple subfield delimiters (#)...
2009-03-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicsplit hrEduPersonUniqueNumber into separate attributes
2009-03-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicextract config into hash and display it on startup
2009-03-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicdeclare dependencies
2009-03-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse ssl connection to upstream ldap
2009-03-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix gender
2009-03-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicmake first fixed and mobile phone and put in in separat...
2009-03-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicadd field for mobite phone
2009-03-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicstrip spaces
2009-03-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicif files have magic delimiter # then we will split...
2009-03-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicoverlay yaml data over ldap entry
2009-03-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicconvert CSV file to yaml
2009-03-15 Dobrica from Net::LDAP contrib which works
2009-03-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicignore auto-generated stuff
2009-03-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicsave search queries to YAML files
2009-03-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicremove cache usage
2009-03-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicrename to LDAP::Virtual
2009-03-14 Dobrica Pavlinusiccorrectly construct bind arguments
2009-03-14 Dobrica Pavlinusica bit more cleanup
2009-03-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicextract virtual LDAP part from A3C