2015-01-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded read timeout master
2015-01-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicerror when we can't connect to socket
2015-01-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded socket connection to remote serial port
2015-01-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicwrapper about serial port read/write
2014-12-15 Dobrica Pavlinusicdecode parts of control data
2014-12-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicdecode bytes
2014-12-14 Dobrica Pavlinusic03 is unknown command
2014-12-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicdecode temperatures and 16-bit numbers
2014-12-13 Dobrica PavlinusicMerge branch 'master' of mjesec.ffzg.hr:/git/vrDialog
2014-12-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicsend arbitrary commands to boiler
2014-12-13 Dobrica Pavlinusiclimit to just my boiler model
2014-12-13 Dobrica Pavlinusiclimit to just my boiler model
2014-12-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicbreak down register by boiler model
2014-12-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded symbol hints
2014-12-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicwrite decimal and hex address
2014-12-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicdisplay original symbol names and correct english trans...
2014-12-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicdon't dump response length without DEBUG=1
2014-12-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicbetter protocol decode info
2014-12-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded crc implementation
2014-12-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicdocument more protocol
2014-12-12 Dobrica Pavlinusiccleanup
2014-12-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded retry
2014-12-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicsmaller timeouts
2014-12-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicbetter output, more commands
2014-12-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicfirst chat with boiler
2014-11-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded units
2014-11-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicdump part of communication parameters
2014-11-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicannotate another dump
2014-11-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix send/receive spacing
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicnew log with time for easier corelation with screens
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded time to output
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded another dump and screens
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicmove screens to dump dir
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicparse only new files
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusictry to split log into repeatable parts
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicversions
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicdecode few protocol messages on fault screen
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicfirst try at decoding errors from binary
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicdecoded dumps
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicscreens for Portmon1 dumps
2014-10-26 Dobrica PavlinusicvrDIALOG.mdb converted using mdbtools
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicconvert portmon dumps to protocol
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicparse portmon logs
2014-10-26 Dobrica Pavlinusicadd portmon dumps