2016-07-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicput all files in project directory master
2016-07-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicget tap name from openocd using scan_chain
2016-07-16 Dobrica Pavlinusicask openocd for tap name
2016-07-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicrpi board with different jtag pinout
2016-07-06 Dobrica Pavlinusicskip commented lines in project_file
2016-07-06 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix diff_buts for BOUNDARY_LENGTH which are not multipl...
2016-07-05 Dobrica Pavlinusicbetter fit pin descriptions, make rpi gpio optional
2016-07-05 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix changed highlight, aligments of output
2016-07-05 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse INSTRUCTION_OPCODE from bsdl file
2016-07-04 Dobrica Pavlinusicopenocd script for tb276
2016-07-04 Dobrica Pavlinusicshut down rpi serial getty
2016-07-04 Dobrica Pavlinusicmake tap configurarable with TAP enviroment var
2016-07-03 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded two more possible pins
2016-07-03 Dobrica Pavlinusicupload program using serial and open serial for output
2016-07-03 Dobrica Pavlinusicspecify usage of jtag
2016-07-03 Dobrica Pavlinusictb276
2016-06-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicupdate for new code mapping
2016-06-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicread qsf file and display assigments from there
2016-06-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicpin mapping for dac.vhd
2016-06-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicoutput same voltage on both DAC
2016-06-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix highlight of pins with custom description
2016-06-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicmore pins, but reference data is in pins dir
2016-06-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicdisplay io and offset for p command
2016-06-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicdisplay io and offset for p command
2016-06-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicdisplay pin descriptions for cpld
2016-06-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicpins I know on X300 dongle so far
2016-06-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicadd bcm pin descriptions when called as module
2016-06-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicdisplay pin and offset in diff
2016-06-21 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded two spaces between tables for better readability
2016-06-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix highlight
2016-06-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse any gpio command
2016-06-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicdisplay custom pin usage
2016-06-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicdisable fancy bit graphics for now
2016-06-18 Dobrica Pavlinusicmore probing from raspberry pi side
2016-06-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicremove physical pins
2016-06-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse gpio module to display raspberry pi pins
2016-06-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicrewrite to enable usage as module
2016-06-17 Dobrica Pavlinusiccollect data to detect pins direction
2016-06-17 Dobrica Pavlinusichighlight cell which changed
2016-06-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicadd toggle pin
2016-06-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicdump pins without wiringpi mappings but with pcf8591
2016-06-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicless cluttered display of data
2016-06-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicpins on dongle
2016-06-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicfirst version of dac output and some test signals
2016-06-17 Dobrica Pavlinusicsvf file to send as argument
2016-06-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicgenerate clock from rpi using bcm gpio 4
2016-06-14 Dobrica Pavlinusicdisplay some debugging info while converting
2016-06-13 Dobrica Pavlinusic10 MHz jtag interface
2016-06-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicconvert svf to xsvf and flash it
2016-06-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse entity name from pin2io storable
2016-06-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicfrom openocd contrib
2016-06-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse entity name from bsdl file to name pin dump
2016-06-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicspecify bsdl file and read boundary length from it
2016-06-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicsend mostly 0 (ignore) for EXTEST using o[offset]=010
2016-06-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicdisplay pin before bin diff
2016-06-12 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded x300 dongle cable config
2016-06-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicp[pin]=0/1 or o[offset]=111 format ? for last BSR
2016-06-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix pin toggle bit order
2016-06-11 Dobrica Pavlinusicfix pin manipulation
2016-06-11 Paul Fertseropenocd jtag pin toggle
2016-06-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicshow diffs between BSR states
2016-06-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicimprove diff_bits
2016-06-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicflash svf file using openocd
2016-06-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicuse pin2io mapping to generate vhdl and pin assigment
2016-06-10 Dobrica Pavlinusicsave pin to io mapping
2016-06-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicload ds using SAMPLE/PRELOAD before EXTEST
2016-06-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicseparate ports for different interfaces
2016-06-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicsupport multiple remote openocd instances
2016-06-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicbsd file for epm3128at100
2016-06-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicnon-working EXTEST pin toggle
2016-06-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicalternative usb_blaster interface for openocd
2016-06-09 Dobrica Pavlinusiccleanup openocd config between interface and target
2016-06-09 Dobrica Pavlinusicdump pins using urjtag
2016-06-07 Dobrica Pavlinusicdump pin states using bsd file
2016-06-02 Dobrica Pavlinusicopenocd config