Korean translation from Chang Hyun Park
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2010-09-24 srowenKorean translation from Chang Hyun Park
2010-09-03 srowenDavid Olivier's Data Matrix improvements
2010-08-23 srowenSlovenian translation
2010-08-14 srowenIssue 492
2010-06-29 dswitkin@google.comAdded two missing authors.
2010-05-10 srowenBig RSS Expanded changelist -- thank you authors
2010-05-10 dswitkin@google.comNew icon from Roman Nurik, and help system tweaks.
2010-05-07 dmaclachAdded David Phillip Oster's fixes for compiling and...
2010-05-06 ftylitakAdded a project written on Qt framework for Symbian...
2010-05-04 dmaclachCleaned up the iPhone code so that it compiles with...
2010-05-02 srowenDanish translation from Rasmus
2010-04-28 dswitkinAdded Portuguese translation of the Android client...
2010-04-19 srowenForgot to credit jwicks on last change
2010-04-07 srowenCredit Ryan
2010-04-06 srowenIssue 370, allow custom response URLs
2010-04-05 srowenUpdated Hungarian translation from Androida.hu
2010-04-04 srowenPolish translation from Mateusz
2010-03-27 srowenHungarian translation from Androida
2010-03-25 srowenAdd basic Code 128, Code 39, ITF writers, per Erik
2010-02-22 dswitkinAdded Finnish and Dutch translations.
2010-02-05 srowenGive Suraj credit, for C# port
2010-02-04 srowenThanks to Jonas Petersson / Prisjakt for Swedish transl...
2010-01-27 srowenCzech translation from Richard Hřivňák
2009-11-13 srowenMissed adding a contributor name for translation
2009-10-30 srowenGerman translation
2009-10-24 srowenFrench translation
2009-10-22 srowenRussian translation
2009-10-13 srowenIssue 246, add Italian translation (and standardize...
2009-05-29 srowenAdded hypest who apparently actually wrote the C# port
2009-05-11 dswitkinAdded simplified and traditional Chinese translations...
2009-05-05 srowenAlternate multi QR Code reader from Hannes
2009-05-03 srowenAdded 'shareText' integration code from Isaac
2009-02-17 srowenAdded small android-integration module
2009-01-30 srowenCommitted Simon's splash screen for Issue 130
2009-01-08 srowenCommitted C# port from Mohamad
2008-11-20 srowenAdded ITF-14 decoder from Kevin. Not enabled yet as...
2008-11-12 srowenUpdates from sanfordsquires to fix RS decoding for...
2008-08-04 srowenInitial checkin of RIM client from LifeMarks, after...
2008-06-26 srowenImplemented Paul's solution to the basic/regular build...
2008-06-24 srowenAUTHORS file, build file changes and improvements
2008-06-19 srowenStandardize and update all copyright statements to...