2010-10-13 Dobrica Pavlinusiccomment out optimize android-koha
2010-10-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicverbose output while building
2010-10-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicadd CODABAR to Android
2010-10-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicbuild and install Android apk
2010-10-13 Dobrica Pavlinusicconfigure local paths
2010-10-12 srowenSmall style stuff master
2010-10-11 srowenFarm out beep/vibrate stuff to class to try to reduce...
2010-10-10 srowenGuard against exception case discovered in new DM code...
2010-10-07 srowenFrench fix from Morgan
2010-10-07 srowenAdjust formatting on last change. Simplify GridSampler
2010-10-06 srowenDon't need to block multiple thread access. Refactor...
2010-10-05 dav.olivier... Issue 563: Support non-rectangular Data Matrix
2010-10-05 srowenFix typo in log message
2010-10-01 srowenIssue 573 draw points correctly when preview/screen...
2010-09-30 srowenAt last update to JUnit 4.x
2010-09-30 srowenFix typo in date error message
2010-09-30 srowenSupport SMTP URLs
2010-09-30 srowenFix small display problem when extension starts with 9
2010-09-30 srowenAdded simplistic ability to rotate an LCDUI image ...
2010-09-27 srowenMorgan's cosmetic improvement to a translation, and...
2010-09-24 srowenKorean translation from Chang Hyun Park
2010-09-22 srowenAdd option to remember duplicate scans
2010-09-22 srowenIssue 546, let share screen scroll on tiny screens
2010-09-22 srowenSmall French change from Morgan
2010-09-20 srowenChange notes for 1.6
2010-09-20 dswitkin@google.comBumped Barcode Scanner version to 3.5 final.
2010-09-20 srowenDaniel's build.xml change for latest Android SDK
2010-09-20 srowenAdd stateAlwaysHidden to keep soft keyboard away
2010-09-18 srowenDon't use Build.VERSION_CODES as it's not in 1.5
2010-09-17 srowenProperly escape MECARD reserved chars
2010-09-16 srowenUpdated translations from Frederik
2010-09-16 srowenTiny change "DataMatrix" to "Data Matrix"
2010-09-15 ftylitak@gmail.comAn update on the ZXingBarcodeReader tutorial.
2010-09-15 dswitkin@google.comBumped Barcode Scanner version to 3.5 beta 2, and updat...
2010-09-15 srowenMinor changes from code inspection results
2010-09-13 srowenSmall fixes for 1.6 release
2010-09-13 srowenAnother minor change to WhiteRectangleDetector and...
2010-09-13 srowenReplace Math.round() with simple workalike -- faster...
2010-09-10 dswitkin@google.comFixed the Google Shopper button remaining visible after...
2010-09-10 srowenIssue 548, delete() before close() on FileConnection
2010-09-10 srowenIssue 549, Make slightly more consistent by changing...
2010-09-09 smparkes@smparkes.netadd preview layer before starting capture
2010-09-09 srowenTurn on Data Matrix, including separate scan option...
2010-09-07 srowenReformat, and implement some performance optimization
2010-09-07 srowenTurkish translation from Acer
2010-09-05 dav.olivier... Minor deletion of code that shouldn't have been committed
2010-09-04 dav.olivier... corrected possibilities of crashing while detecting...
2010-09-03 dav.olivier... Improved datamatrix reader with new algorithm
2010-09-03 srowenDavid Olivier's Data Matrix improvements
2010-09-01 srowenIssue 537, don't return UPC-A for EAN-13 starting with...
2010-08-31 smparkes@smparkes.netgit/svn ignore build artifacts
2010-08-31 smparkes@smparkes.netIssue 524
2010-08-29 srowenIssue 465, remove reference to libs/ as it is not used
2010-08-26 dswitkin@google.comOne more change to accommodate differences in jpeg...
2010-08-26 dswitkin@google.comUpdated the negative blackbox test values.
2010-08-26 flyashiC++: fix dormat BitArray quiet zone checking bug that...
2010-08-26 dswitkin@google.comAdded rounding code to the C++ port as well.
2010-08-26 dswitkin@google.comAdded rounding code to getRow() as well and updated...
2010-08-25 dswitkin@google.comRemoved dynamic allocation of new int[2] when searching for
2010-08-25 dswitkin@google.comMinor formatting cleanup.
2010-08-25 dswitkin@google.comConverted tabs to spaces.
2010-08-25 dswitkin@google.comCreated new false positives blackbox test. We definitel...
2010-08-25 smparkes@smparkes.netgit/svn ignores for build artifacts/personal xcode...
2010-08-25 smparkes@smparkes.netIssue 494 round luminance values rather than truncate
2010-08-24 srowenTranslation updates from Morgan Courbet
2010-08-24 dswitkin@google.comRemoved an extra memcpy and made getMatrix() pure virtual.
2010-08-23 srowenSlovenian translation
2010-08-23 dswitkin@google.comCreated new UPC-A blackbox test.
2010-08-23 dswitkin@google.comUpdated the ZXingText Ant file to match the Barcode...
2010-08-22 srowenIssue 521, avoid an NPE
2010-08-20 flyashiGreyscaleRotatedLuminanceSource: implemented getMatrix()
2010-08-20 smparkes@smparkes.netAllow a few build-time arguments to the C++ build
2010-08-20 smparkes@smparkes.netTweak svn/git ignores
2010-08-20 smparkes@smparkes.netsvn:ignore java build artifacts
2010-08-18 dswitkin@google.comFixed a bug I introduced while removing exceptions...
2010-08-17 smparkes@smparkes.netIssue 479
2010-08-17 smparkes@smparkes.netIssue 520
2010-08-17 srowenMinor change to make javadoc work with new Android SDK
2010-08-17 smparkes@smparkes.netIssue 519
2010-08-17 smparkes@smparkes.netcleaned up versions of new tests; hopefully no EOL...
2010-08-17 smparkes@smparkes.netremove CRLF files before readding them (in an attempt...
2010-08-16 srowenIssue 520
2010-08-16 smparkes@smparkes.neta set of synthetic version 40 tests at each ECC level
2010-08-16 smparkes@smparkes.netfix log to reflect reality
2010-08-16 srowenIssue 519
2010-08-16 dswitkin@google.comFixed the double delete problem remaining in issue...
2010-08-16 dswitkin@google.comRemoved as many exceptions as possible from the C+...
2010-08-16 srowenPreserve line breaks into XHTML
2010-08-14 srowenIssue 492
2010-08-14 srowenWeird, Android doesn't have TimeUnit.MINUTES
2010-08-13 dswitkin@google.comChanged OneDReader::recordPattern to not throw exceptio...
2010-08-13 srowenRemove another -Xint, and use -Djava.awt.headless=true...
2010-08-13 srowenIssue 460, auto timeout of CaptureActivity after inacti...
2010-08-13 srowenTiny style bits
2010-08-13 dswitkin@google.comBegan removing the excessive use of exceptions in the...
2010-08-13 srowenWorkaround for Hotspot bug that lets tests run without...
2010-08-12 srowenIssue 509
2010-08-12 srowenIssue 505
2010-08-12 srowenIssue 508
2010-08-12 srowenIssue 511