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last changeTue, 2 Feb 2021 16:02:07 +0000 (17:02 +0100)
2021-02-02 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded očuvan dio posude split into array master
2021-01-23 Dobrica Pavlinusic30 items on one page
2021-01-23 Dobrica Pavlinusiccenter label, added ID to pop-up
2021-01-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicincrease page window to show more page numbers
2021-01-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicput all small images down to bottom (south)
2021-01-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicshow only data which exists in pop-up
2021-01-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicwhite background on pop-up pictures
2021-01-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicincrease facet sizes
2021-01-23 Dobrica Pavlinusicremove empty values
2021-01-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicincreased pageSize to 50
2021-01-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded datacija_relativna facet
2021-01-22 Dobrica Pavlinusicconvert new images, fill background
2021-01-20 Dobrica Pavlinusicbetter names
2020-06-03 Dobrica Pavlinusicadded ukrasi_array (split on , and " i ")
2020-06-03 Dobrica Pavlinusicinitial prototype
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